Description of my project

For a wide range of starch applications (foods, plastics, paper, textile, …) properties of native starch do not meet industrial needs. However, native starch granules can be modified to obtain desired properties. Mostly, chemical modification is used, but there is a growing interest in physical modification of starch, especially for food applications. In fact such physically modified starches are considered to be natural materials with high safety. There are different types of physical modification by using various techniques and also there are different types of chemical modification depending on the type of linkage between starch and chemical reagent used. Multiple modification is the most recent one that combines one or more of physical modification and/or chemical modification. Even though starch modification is not a new concept, people still does not have the full concept of what is happening in molecular level except noticing the end result after modification. The objective of my study is trying to investigate what is happening in molecular level of starch after multiple modification.